The Story Behind the Dr. Lenkei Channel

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Az oldalon található filmek közérdekű információkat tartalmaznak, ezért szabadon letölthetők és terjeszthetők. Sőt! Kérem is, hogy töltse le, töltse fel közösségi média oldalakra, ossza meg minél több emberrel.

Segítségét előre is köszönöm!

Dr. Lenkei Gábor

The Story Behind the Dr. Lenkei Channel

I deliberately kept the account of the story short, thus leaving out the following details.

  • In 2003, I published my first book, Censored Health. The book was released with the following subtitle: On the Assembly Line of the Disease-Industry. 160,000 copies had already been printed by the start of 2020.
  • The number of copies of my books in the public domain – including just over 300,000 copies of my publication, Healthy Sprouts, provided free of charge to kindergartens and schools – exceeds 800,000.
  • I have already held over 120 all-evening, informational lectures in Hungary and other countries as well. I have never claimed an honorarium.
  • I have personally delivered the good news in this way to tens of thousands of people: there exists a much more dignified quality of life richer in happiness and much higher than before, and it's within their grasp.
  • I have already received grateful testimonies from about 100,000 people who have experienced the aforementioned better quality of life as a result of applying my method.
  • I’ve already fought many battles with various authorities, including health, who try to keep my mouth shut and make me disappear.
  • National media figures, if they are interested in me at all, have only invited me to their broadcast once. It has even happened on several occasions that the interview was completed, but it didn’t make it to broadcast because it had been abruptly scratched by the editor-in-chief.
  • During my battles with the authorities, the media deployed quite a few tools to misrepresent me and destroy the trust placed in me.

What has all this got to do with the story behind the Dr. Lenkei Channel?

I made a promise at the end of my first book, Censored Health, published in 2003. It goes like this:

“I will never give up.”

The launch of the Dr. Lenkei Channel simply goes to show that I am trying to keep good to my word.


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