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I have much to tell you that is of great value.

As a young doctor, I started to take an interest in the field of nutrition sometime in the early 1990s, roughly thirty years ago.
I learned about a wide variety of diets. I studied them respectfully.

I thought that quite a few of them contradicted the natural principles governing the functioning of the human body to such an extent, and thus being unreasonable to such an extent, that they should not even be tried.

Luckily, other diets contained plenty of sensible elements, so I decided to try several of them on myself to see what effect they would have.

With every diet that I tried, I tried with an open mind. I duly followed the prescriptions of that particular diet, and moreover, did so for an extended period, usually for years.

It was only after gaining enough personal experience that I formed an overall opinion about them.

I will present some of the better-known diets that I have studied in depth and tested thoroughly for an extended period of time.

  • Fit for Life Diet
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Atkins Diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Bulletproof Diet
  • and others


Each of them contained sensible, useful elements with regards to both their theory and practice. I gained something and learned something from every one of them.

I realized that every diet traps you with some kind of label.
I’m keto, I’m paleo, I’m vegan…
These are traps because instead of using common sense, they build a commitment to labels and in doing so, raise walls.

As a result of this, most diets become more or less fleeting fads.

I realized that there was a lack of a diet that integrates sound principles without any kind of label stuck to it.

That is to say, a truly good diet

  • on the one hand, ensures the understanding and intelligent application of the natural principles governing the functioning of the body;
  • on the other hand, it sets out only very simple guidelines, dictated by common sense and easy for anyone to understand, and establishes only such kinds of rules.


Since the understanding and application of the natural principles governing the functioning of the body can also be regarded simply as the application of common sense, we can call the entirety of it as such.

Common-Sense Based Nutrition

It’s possible that this – common-sense based nutrition – will be the first diet that we refer to by a name, but to which we don’t stick any artificial labels.

I promise that I will try to pass on to you as soon as possible all the knowledge that I have found to be sound and viable even after three decades of studying and testing, and which I believe is timeless, not just current fashion.

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