In Defense of Hungary’s Health Care and Doctors

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Only three factors are needed for even highly competent health care to be attacked and criticized.

  1. Struggling sick people, who are inherently more vulnerable and sensitive, so they more readily resent even small things that – if they were not in a tight situation – they would overcome perhaps even with a smile.
  2. A hostile media that is happy to convey fabricated or exaggerated, thoroughly embellished bad news, or to rake somebody over the coals, spoil their good name, and damage their reputation.
  3. Gossip-hungry people who inherently like to chatter away about bad news, so they suck in the filth of the media like a sponge, and then they themselves are happy to spread the – often completely untrue – news that often misrepresents others.

The media typically pretends to represent public opinion, but if one pursues the truth more closely and pays attention to the real facts instead of the media’s troublemaking, they can free themselves from the destructive effects of the press.

These videos contrast the facts with the image depicted by the media.